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What is 3axes


What Represents us

The company "3axes" was born out of the harmonious cooperation of Architects, Civil Engineers and Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, who have been staffing it since 2009. The identification of ideas and effective work led the team to its more compact form today. Its members have a special knowledge of construction technology. They also have remarkable experience, having previously worked on projects by other technical companies. The Engineering Group of 3axes provides scientific assistance for all kinds of manufacturing and processing in a variety of technical assumptions. He supports collaborative builders and fellow engineers by providing his expertise in sophisticated technical issues of architecture, antiseismic engineering and technology in energy projects and electrical and mechanical engineering projects. Its goal is always the quality and reliability of its services.

Our way of thinking is defined by the principles that are symbolized in the "three axes" of our title!


Our Our skills

Our team has managed to develop it and make it reality by meeting our clients' needs and impressing it. Evaluation by the people who trust us is an incentive for continuous information and creativity





Our thoughts


Our way of thinking is defined by the principles that are symbolized in the "three axes" of our title!


Three young people! 3 major engineering specializations with independent careers. They unite and set up a company with activity in three cities in Greece.


We really believe in what we do and commit ourselves to quality results, in keeping with our basic principles: Balance - Completion - Mercy!


Our History


The photorealistic display is completed Approved by the Ministry of Designs of a Prefabricated Pier Hotel ABATON


The important projects are completed
1. The "Enviroment space in Syros" is constructed
2. The engraving at Kounavon node is completed.
3. The studies of the extension of Zaros Regional Medical Clinic from the Sanitary Region of Crete, Ministry of Health, Urban Planning and the Region of Crete


ABATON is constructed and topographic works completed. The "Trojan horse" is being constructed in the theme park "Labyrinth"


The interior decoration of Café Bar Suerte in Syros is completed


The birth of the 3axes group. The cooperation of members begins with the submission of the unit's experience to the 3axes team. Projects are undertaken:
1. Renovations
2. Surveying
3. Small Building Permits
4. Energy Projects
5. Interior decorations and decorations