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There is a wide range of tasks to deal with 3axes staff, however the most important areas for which we can provide high-level know-how are:
• Architecture
• Interior
• Earthquake resistant
• Energy
• Surveying


Creativity in our work is our passion! The reason we enjoy our daily work is that we believe that we are influencing the way in which those who trust our buildings trust us! With modern perception and according to the needs of our customers, we derive their aesthetic requirements and their special taste. With meticulous work and strenuous work, we ensure that we combine all of this with our scientific knowledge in architecture and provide comprehensive, functional and original architectural proposals.

Architecture projects


Design is not making beauty! Beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love. Louis Kahn

Interior projects


Construction safety places the greatest emphasis on the study of new and existing structures by our working group, given our country's position on the geological map. 3AXES has extensive experience in the study New anti-seismic structures with all-type carrier Existing structures and their reinforcement according to the modern requirements Impressions of a reinforced concrete carrier with the most modern equipment.

Structure projects


The experience of our executives in the study and construction of large wind and photovoltaic projects of many MW, as well as the experience in energy studies of building facilities gives us the opportunity to propose the optimal solution for energy saving. Design and complete management of low and medium voltage lines of air and underground circuits (50km of medium voltage (20kV) lines and about 150km of underground networks of medium voltage (20kV) have been designed and built.

Energy projects